The Greatest Love Of All

The Greatest Love Of All C&C

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Valentine’s is all about love. We buy gifts – flowers, candy, and more – for the ones we love. We give out valentines with messages of friendship and love to those who are special to us. On this day celebrating love, let’s take time to remember and give thanks for the greatest love of all – God’s love for us!

God’s love is greater than any other love we’ll ever encounter. He showed just how much He loves us by performing the greatest act of love ever to be done. He sent His own Son to give His life for us, taking our punishment for the wrong things we’ve done, so that we could have a relationship with Him!

Everything Jesus suffered – ridicule, beating, a crown of thorns shoved upon His head, nails being driven through His hands and feet, crucifixion, a spear jab through His side – it was all for us. The extent of what He bore on our behalf shows just how extreme His love for us really is. This kind of love has no comparison!

This Valentine’s Day, thank God for His incredible love for you! Want to dive deeper into understanding His affection for you? He’s left many love notes scattered throughout His Word for you to find! To help you discover them, check out the Love Notes From God devotional, which takes scriptures about God’s love, turns them into love note form, and breaks down what they reveal about God’s love. To purchase the pdf file of Love Notes From God, click here!

Wising you all a blessed and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day C&C