Experience True Change


Photo credit: David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films

In War Room, as Elizabeth begins to pray, we see change take place in more than just her marriage and the life of her husband. Elizabeth herself begins to change, as well! At the beginning of the movie, she is angry and frustrated, gets into arguments with her husband when provoked, and doesn’t make the time to spend with her daughter that the little girl longs for. As the movie progresses, she begins to invest more time in her relationship with her daughter and respond to her husband in a gracious and loving manner, showing him respect even when he doesn’t deserve it. Her husband takes note of the difference, and wonders what’s going on. Here’s what happened – as she began spending time with God, she started to become more like Him!

As believers, we are to follow God’s example (Ephesians 5:1). The problem? No matter how hard we try to do this, we end up failing. Why? Because God is perfect and in and of ourselves, we aren’t. Even if we’re doing the best we possibly can, we will still fall short one way or another. The answer? Spending time with God, allowing His love and grace to transform us!

Have you ever found yourself using your mom or dad’s favorite expression, or thinking something was cool that you had previously disliked because your friends at school were into it? The people we spend most of our time with really do influence us. Spend enough time with someone, and they will rub off on you. In the same way, if you’re spending enough time with God, He will begin to rub off on you. You’ll become more like Him without even having to try hard, just by taking time to hang out with Him. You’ll be transformed effortlessly!

If you’re having a hard time living the way that you know you should, don’t give up! Instead of struggling on your own, focus on spending time with God, getting to know Him better, and experience true change in your life!

Don’t Just Follow the Crowd!

Don't Just Follow the Crowd!On a daily basis, we face pressure to simply follow the crowd, and go along with what everybody around us is doing. However, just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t make it a wise decision, or the right thing to do!

There are many people who have made choices with lasting consequences which they later regret, simply by doing things the way everyone else seems to be doing them. Before you join the path everybody else is following, ask yourself if it is really is the path you should follow!

Romans 12:2 tells us not to conform to the pattern of the world around us, but instead to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. In other words, DON’T simply BE LIKE EVERYONE AROUND YOU! Dare to stand out, and do things God’s way rather than just trying to fit the mold and follow the path everyone else is following. Spend time with God. Read His Word. Listen to what He has to say to you. Let Him renew your mind to His wisdom, and watch transformation take place in your life!

True Transformation

True TransformationNew Year’s is the time of year in which we make resolutions. We look back over the past year, and pinpoint areas in which we would like to improve. We get pumped up with excitement at the thought of another chance to get it right. Typically, we start out ok, and then, after a while, things begin to creep slowly downhill. Why does this happen? Why, year after year, do we continue to resolve to do things differently, yet all to often end up stuck in the same old rut?

The truth of the matter is, it’s impossible for us, in our own strength, to flawlessly carry out our resolutions for self-improvement. None of us are perfect. We all stumble in many ways (James 3:3). Only by remaining in Christ are we able to bear fruit, for we can do nothing apart from Him (John 15:4-5).

God isn’t after the modification of our behavior, but rather the transformation of our hearts. To experience real change in our lives, we need more than just an alteration of our actions. We are only truly transformed by understanding God’s amazing love and grace, and the truths of the good news of the gospel. When we begin to comprehend that it isn’t about what we have done or failed to do, but rather what Christ has done for us, the effects of this belief will show up in our actions. God’s love will flow through us, affecting every part of our lives.

This year, instead of focusing on your performance, fix your eyes on Jesus, and all that He has done for you. Allow God’s love and grace to truly transform you from the inside out!