Names of Jesus – The Good Shepherd

Names of Jesus - The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd (John 10:11)

Psalm 100:3 says that we are the Lord’s people – the sheep of His pasture. John 10:11 tells us that Jesus is the good shepherd, who lays down His life for the sheep.

Though each one of us, like sheep, have gone astray, upon Jesus was laid all of our iniquity (Isaiah 53:6). He gave His life for us freely – of His own accord (John 10:18) – at the cross, that we might be saved. He took our sin upon Himself, and suffered the punishment that should have been ours, that we might receive His place of right standing before God. What a wonderful shepherd He is!

In John 10:28 says that our Good Shepherd gives His sheep eternal life.  He promises that they will never perish, for no one can pluck them from His hand. He says that no one can snatch them from the Father’s hand, either, for He and the Father are one (John 10:29-30). Knowing this, we can rest assured that our salvation is secure. We don’t have to waver back and forth wondering whether or not we are truly saved. Rather, we can have faith that by receiving Him – by believing in His name – we ARE God’s children (John 1:12)!

Just like in the story of the lost sheep, our Good Shepherd pursues us individually, rejoicing over us when He finds us, and carrying us home upon His shoulders. He delights in saving us, and wants us to trust in Him as our one and only Savior. Like the sheep in the story, let’s rest on His strong shoulders, relying fully upon Him for our salvation, rather than our good works.

Jesus is our Good Shepherd, who gave His life for us, His sheep. Our salvation is completely secure in Him. Let’s allow our selves to be loved and cared for by Him, trusting in what He has done for us, rather than anything we have done (Luke 15:4-6), for our salvation!

“You are the shepherd, giving what I could not afford. Leaving the many, You sought to find me, Lord.”

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