All That He Has Done – Forgiveness of Sins

All That He Has Done - Forgiveness of SinsWelcome to week 2 of the All That He Has done series, which is all about what Christ has done for us, and how it affects us today!

Hebrews 9:22 says that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness. In the Old Testament, when God’s people sinned, they brought an animal sacrifice. The blood of these animals pointed to Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, who shed His blood for us at the cross. In Matthew 26:28, He said that His blood was poured out for the forgiveness of many. Ephesians 1:7 says that in Him we have redemption, the forgiveness of our sins. Because He gave His life for us at the cross, all of our sins have been completely forgiven!

Under the new covenant that Jesus came to establish, God has promised that He will remember our sins no more (Hebrews 8:12). In His eyes, all of our transgressions have been completely washed away by the blood of His Son. No matter what you may have done over the course of your life, know that your sins have been forgiven. Receive the forgiveness that your Heavenly Father offers to you, and begin to see yourself as He sees you – a loved, accepted, and cherished child of the Most High!

All That He Has Done – Children of God

All That He Has Done - Children of GodToday’s post in the All That He Has Done series is all about the fact that because of what Christ has done for us, we can become God’s children.

Jesus, the Son of God, came to this earth in the likeness of man (Philippians 2:6-7). We all have sinned (Romans 3:23), and the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Christ took our place, giving His life for us, paying Himself the price merited by our wrongdoings. Because He has done this, if we receive and believe in Him, we are given to right to become God’s children (John 1:12).

In the Old Testament, the focus was always on mankind’s actions and obedience. God’s people served Him to try and earn a relationship with Him. Today, those of us who have accepted Jesus, trusting in Him as our Savior, are already God’s children. Our relationship with God isn’t based off of our effort, but rather what Christ did for us. We don’t serve God to try to earn a relationship with Him. We serve Him because we have a relationship with Him, and we love Him, knowing that He first loved us (1 John 4:19).

If you believe in Jesus, your are a child of God! He loves you dearly as His own son or daughter. Even when you mess up, you are still His child, whom He cares for, for your position with Him isn’t based on your actions, but rather what Christ has done for you. It was Jesus, through His death at the cross, who provided a way for you to become a child of God. What a wonderful Savior we have!

John 1:12

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Names of Jesus Series Wrap-Up

Names of Jesus Series Wrap-Up

The Names of Jesus series is at its end. My hope and prayer is that this series has helped you to get to know our Savior even better, through the characteristics His names reveal.

In case you missed any of the posts from the series, here are links to each of them:

Son of God – Jesus is the Son of God. He and the Father are one (John 10:30). As the Son of God, He revealed to us the Father’s heart of love for us.

Son of Man – Jesus, though God in His very nature, didn’t consider equality with God something to be grasped, but taking on the nature of a servant, was made in human likeness (Philippians 2:6-7). The Son of Man came to save you!

Lamb of God – At the cross Jesus, the Lamb of God, became our sin offering – the fulfillment of the sacrifices offered in the Old Testament for the sins of the people.

Bread of Life – Jesus is the Bread of Life, which alone can truly satisfy. True life is found in Him!

Light of the World – The Light of the World lives inside of us, making us, in turn, lights in a dark place.

The Good Shepherd – Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who laid down His life for us, His sheep (John 10:11).

The Resurrection and the Life – Our Savior is The Resurrection and the Life. He came that we might have life (John 10:10). He promises eternal life to all who believe in Him (John 3:16).

The Way  – Jesus made a way for us to have a relationship with God. He is the only way to the Father.

The Truth – Jesus is The Truth, and He came to reveal to us the truth of God’s love and grace for each one of us.

The Life – Though we once were dead in our transgressions and sins, we have been made alive with Christ (Ephesians 2:4-5). He wants us to experience and enjoy the abundant life that He came to give us (John 10:10) in every area!

Which is your favorite of the names of Jesus? Comment to share.

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Names of Jesus – Son of God

Names of Jesus - Son of God

One of the names of Jesus, our wonderful Savior, is the Son of God. Even before His birth, it was proclaimed that He would be called this (Luke 1:35). As the Son of God, He and the Father are one (John 10:30).

When Jesus was on this earth, He showed us the Father’s heart of love for us, and desire for us to enter into relationship with Him. In beholding Him, we behold our Heavenly Father (John 14:9), whose love for us was clearly demonstrated through Christ’s death at the cross (Romans 5:8).

Just as the loving daddy in the story of the prodigal son ran to and embraced his erring child with open arms when he returned home, symbolizing God’s glad reception of us when we turn to Him, Jesus welcomed all who came to Him, declaring that He came to call not the righteous, but sinners (Mark 2:17).

Just as God has removed our sins from us as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12), offering forgiveness to each of us, Jesus extended forgiveness to a woman who had been living a sinful lifestyle (Luke 7:48), and to a man who was paralyzed, in addition to healing him (Matthew 9:2), declaring to the Pharisees that He had the authority on earth to forgive sins (Matthew 9:6).

As the Son of God, Jesus is the radiance of the glory of the Father, and of His nature, the exact representation (Hebrews 1:3). Fix your eyes upon Him (Hebrews 12:2), and in Him behold your Heavenly Father’s heart of love for you!

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A Heart of Gratitude – Day Eight

A Heart of Gratitude - Day Eight“I shall give thanks to You, for
You have answered me, and
You have become my salvation.”
Psalm 118:21, NASB

Do you believe, when you pray, that God hears and answers you? Or does it feel, when you talk to Him, more like He’s far off and unresponsive? When you are in need, do you come to Him for provision, or do you try to work things out on your own first?

Jeremiah 33:3 informs us that when we call to God, He will answer us. Psalm 34:15 declares that the Lord’s eyes are on those who are righteous. To their cry, His ears are attentive. If you have received Jesus, then this Scripture applies to you, for you have been made the righteousness of God in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21)! In Matthew 6:8, Jesus assures us that God knows what we need, even before we ask Him. Further on, in Matthew 7:11, He states that God will give what is good to the one who asks.

The idea that God is distant, and unfeeling towards what you have to say, is a lie that the enemy would love for you to believe. He knows that, according to James 5:16, the prayer of one who is righteous – who is in right standing with God – is both powerful and effective. The righteous person this verse speaks of is you! You have been made right with God through faith in His Son (Romans 3:24). You have been justified by the blood of Jesus (Romans 5:9). Know that your prayers avail much (James 5:16)! Present your requests to God, in full confidence of His love for you, and desire to provide for your every need. Give thanks to Him for the ways in which He has answered you in the past, and is working in your life in the present. Rejoice in the fact that our God is the Hearer and Answerer of prayer!

What have you been believing God for lately? To share, comment below. Take a moment to thank God for listening to you when you speak to Him, and for the answers He provides!

“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.”