Above All Else

Above All ElseBible Reading and Memorization Plan memory verse switch – This week’s verse will be Proverbs 4:23 instead of Joshua 1:9.

Proverbs 4:23 bids us to guard our hearts above all else, for everything we do – all the issues of life – flows from it.

Our hearts determine our life’s course. What is inside of us – what we truly believe, and our perception and perspective – directly influences all that we do and say. Our mindsets impact our actions greatly, and our mouths speak out of the abundance of what’s in our hearts (Luke 6:45).

Because of this, it is exceedingly important that we are on guard as to what we let into our hearts. What goes in will come out in our lives at some point, and in some way. The people we surround ourselves with, and that which we consistently spend time on, have a tendency to greatly affect our viewpoints and values, and in turn, our lives. For example, if those who are closest to us place a high importance on something, we will be more likely to do so as well. If they adopt a certain habit or custom, there’s a greater chance that we will adopt it too. That which we are constantly hearing and seeing will often get into our hearts, and become what we fixate on and accept as the norm.

Considering how greatly what we surround ourselves with impacts our mindset and focus, and how often it finds its way into our hearts, it behooves us to spend time in God’s Word, and around people who value what He has to say. As we fill our hearts with the words of our Heavenly Father, they will become what comes out of our mouths, and what we act upon. They will begin to produce fruit in our lives.

Above all else, remember to guard your heart, for what is found within it directly impacts the rest of your life.