What Do Your Beliefs Say About God?


As Christians, we believe so many different things about what God’s Word is really saying. The way we personally interpret various parts of it differs greatly. Have you ever stopped to consider this – What do your beliefs say about God? Who do they make Him out to be? How do they cause Him to appear to those around you?

Do your beliefs make God seem like who He really is, or someone that He is not? Is it possible that in your zeal and enthusiasm, you may be painting a picture of God that reveals something other than His true colors?

If you were honest with yourself, how do your beliefs portray God? As the loving, gracious, and forgiving Heavenly Father that He is? Or do they portray Him as more of a cold and distant Sovereign, a harsh and stern Judge, ready to condemn all who are even remotely deserving, or an avenging Ruler who strikes down those who dare to arose His wrath?

If your beliefs tend to represent Him more like the latter, how can you possibly expect anyone around you to want anything to do with Him? And how can you expect to ever really get close to Him yourself?

The truth is, some of our beliefs represent God very poorly, and reflect on Him in a very negative way. This can have a crippling effect on our relationship with Him, and make it difficult for others to want to come to Him.

Let’s stop believing in a manner that portrays God negatively. Let’s not allow our beliefs to undermine an understanding of His love, goodness, or grace.

What do your beliefs say about God? What kind of a picture do they paint of Him? How does this impact yourself, and those around you?

5 Things To Take Pictures Of This Spring

5 Things To Take Pictures Of This SpringDo you enjoy taking pictures? Spring is an awesome time to capture pics you simply can’t get any other time throughout the year, as the barrenness of winter is being replaced by the new life of spring in God’s beautiful creation!

Here is a list of 5 things to take pictures of this spring:

  1. In the springtime, flowers abound. Find new and unusual ways to portray their colorful beauty!
  2. Rainy day? After the rain showers are over, head outside, and capture the glistening wet look of your surroundings. (After all, rain is simply a part of the season!) And be sure to keep your eyes open for rainbows to take pictures of as the sun’s rays begin to peek through the clouds!
  3. Be sure to take photos of the little things that are a part of the season that you may take for granted now, but miss during the long winter months – things such as the bright green grass and leaves, and brilliant blue skies.
  4. Dandelions sprouting up everywhere in your backyard? Instead of seeing them as pests, view them as a photography challenge. Take pictures with them as your subject, finding unique shots to take of them.
  5. Love to watch butterflies fluttering by in the late spring, and into the summer? Why don’t you take pictures of them earlier on as caterpillars, and record their development into butterflies? You may even want catch a caterpillar to raise, so that you can more easily capture images of each stage of the process!