New Website For Teens and Young Adults – Generation Arise!

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I recently launched a new website for teens and young adults!

The name of the website is Generation Arise ( Generation Arise shares movies and music that will encourage young people in their faith, tackles real life questions, and most of all, shares the truth of God’s Word in a way that this generation can grasp!

The purpose of Generation Arise

The purpose of Generation Arise is to encourage the young people of this generation to arise and shine for God, to grow closer to Him, and to become who He created them to be. I wanted to start a site that was specifically geared towards young people because they are searching for truth, which can only be found in the Word of God, and the good news of the gospel contained within it. They long for something real, but in this modern culture, often end up looking in all the wrong places. My desire for Generation Arise is that it will point them towards the One who is The Truth (John 14:6).

The meaning behind Generation Arise

The website is called Generation Arise because it’s all about encouraging this generation to arise, and to shine forth the light of God.┬áIsaiah 60:1 bids us to arise and shine, and this is what Generation Arise will spur on young people to do. Check out Generation Arise by clicking on the link below, and share it with the teens and young adults that you know!

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A New Creation in Christ

A New Creation in ChristMany people look forward to the New Year as a fresh start – another chance to get it right, and to do better than the preceding year. All of us make mistakes. Many of us long for a new beginning, apart from the circumstances of our past.

For those of us who are in Christ, we are new creations. The old has past, and the new has come
(2 Corinthians 5:17)! We are no longer who we once were – without hope, and without God in the world (Ephesians 2:12). We have been born again, and are now God’s children (1 John 3:1)! Our sins have been removed from us as far as the east is from the west (Psalms 103:12). Because we are in Christ, we have been qualified to receive all of God’s blessings. He is willing and able to restore all that we may have lost. Past choices – either our own, or those of others, which have affected us – do not need to dictate our future.

God has made available to you a whole new way of life through His Son’s work at the cross. However, you can’t live a new life until you realize that He has made all things new. His love and grace, and the truths of His Word, hold the power to transform you from the inside out. This year needn’t be one of failure. Because of His unmerited favor on your life, it can be your best year yet! The question is, will you receive the new life He offers you? Will you accept all that Christ has done for you, and the blessings made available to you in Him?