The Horvats Sharing Hope With Croatia

horvatsThis November, give thanks for the greatest gift of – Jesus! We have the privilege of knowing about what He did for us – that He died for our sins, so that we could have a relationship with god. Not everyone knows this good news. God wants all of us to share it with others, but He calls some people to be missionaries, and devote their entire lives to sharing the gospel with those who haven’t heard it.

Have you ever wondered what it is like for these missionaries? Click on this link, and check out this post about Aaron and Winnie Horvat, missionaries to Croatia –!

Aaron and Winnie have a young son named Kiki. They minister to young people in Croatia. They incorporate music and drama into their ministry as a fun and relevant way to share the gospel with the teens.

Check out this video of a missions trip they took the teens on!

L.A. Bound – Part Three

L.A. Bound Part 3Though time was rapidly waning, I was still to join the party headed for LA if a slot somehow became available. Despite the fact that nothing had yet changed, I purchased the necessary supplies for the venture. The day of our departure dawned, and I went about packing. The hours passed. There was still no news of an extra spot. Would one ever open?

A of couple hours before the church van was to pull out of the parking lot, the phone rang.  I picked it up.  I was informed that an extra slot had become available. I was indeed L.A. bound!

The long wait was over. I was overjoyed! What God had spoken to me had come to pass. In addition to obtaining an opening, a great deal of money from trip-related fundraisers transferred to me. God had taken care of the expenses as well!

As the church van lumbered slowly along that evening, I sat there in a state of excitement. I was off on the adventure I had so long awaited, and quite an adventure it proved to be. I saw and experienced many things with which I was unfamiliar. Most amazing of all were the events that took place once we reached our destination.

I saw God work in my life in numerous, numerous ways. He enabled me to do things I hadn’t done before. He gave me the strength and the ability to complete each task put before me. He revealed to me gifts and passions I didn’t know I had. A number of people in the area we served spoke Spanish, which led me to learn all I could of the language while there. One of my friends on the trip knew American Sign Language, which she offered to begin teaching me one night. The next day I encountered a deaf person who knew some sign. What I’d learned the night before enabled us to communicate to some level. This introduction to ASL birthed in me an eager desire to learn more of it. I have continued on with both sign language and Spanish for use wherever God might lead me. Over the course of the trip, God guided me to those He wanted me to speak with, and gave me the words to say when I needed them. I was even able to share my story of how God had provided for me to join the L.A. missions team with someone we ministered to.

The L.A. trip was an amazing experience, which demonstrated to me in a tangible way just what can happen when we stand on what God is speaking to us. He made a way when it seemed impossible. He encouraged me when I became discouraged. He helped me to continue trusting in what He had for me. This trip showed me, in a greater way than ever before, how amazing our God truly is!