Catching Up with Kutless – Ministry Opportunities

Catching Up with Kutless
Lifest – Oshkosh, WI

Recording and performing gives Christian artists unique opportunities to minister to others, both onstage and offstage. One of the ways Kutless uses their platform to do this is by getting involved with helping out those who have been in the military.

“We actually feel like we can identify with a lot of military guys, to a certain extent,” lead singer Jon Micah Sumerall claims. “. . . talking with a lot of those guys as we travel on the road, we realize we have some very similar struggles.” What are some of those struggles? Spending a great deal of time away from their families, consequently needing to intentionally pour into their marriages and kids’ lives to keep those relationships doing well, and continuing to grow spiritually, since touring takes them away from their home church quite a bit of the time, and they can’t always attend church on Sundays while on the road. The band has a heart for these military members, whose families pay for the fact that they’re off serving their country. Kutless offers free concert tickets to active military members and their spouses, encouraging them to spend time together as a couple, and to invite their friends who are also a part of the military. In addition, the band helps out the Samaritan’s Purse organization Operation Heal Our Patriots, which reaches out to wounded military members.

To hear more about the kind of opportunities Kutless finds as a band to minister to others, and the secret to doing so effectively, check out this video from Generation Arise’s YouTube channel!

Catching Up with Kutless – the Music

Catching Up with Kutless - the Music
Lifest – Oshkosh, WI

Christian band Kutless has been in the music industry for a number of years now, having released their first album in the early 2000s. Over the years, the band has demonstrated both the hardcore and more laid back sides of contemporary Christian music. Kutless has fluctuated between a heavier rock sound and more of a worshipful style, with the band’s latest album, Glory, falling on the more worshipful side, and focusing primarily on glorifying our Heavenly Father.

While writing Glory, which guitarist James Mead describes as “vertical, exaltation-based praise music,” the band was studying the book of Revelation. “What we were really struck by,” he states, “is that in the Bible, in the scenes of worship you see in heaven all throughout Scripture, it is very much focused on Christ, and it is not very self-centered.” Mead mentions how in Revelation 4-5, it talks about the nations being gathered before the throne, and when Jesus steps into the throne room, it becomes an unanimous praise party. “We felt like ‘Man, that is exactly what we would hope for our concerts to be like,’” he continues. The band even jokingly started referring to it as “heaven practice!”

The song “In Jesus’ Name,” which is featured on Glory, reminds us that it is in Christ that we are saved and healed, and points listeners to Him. Lead singer Jon Micah Sumerall says that in Portland, Oregon, where the members of Kutless live, the name of God can be pretty generic, and used for a lot of different things. When you say Jesus, however, it becomes very specific. “The song really focuses in on the fact that there’s power in the name of Jesus,” Jon Micah Sumerall states.

All Kutless fans will be excited to know that a new album is in the works! The band will be working with the producer who did their first several albums. They’ve been writing new music. “We’re kind of turning back to the heavy days, which is gonna be super fun,” guitarist James Mead informs. “We just wanted to come out, and just do something crazy again, so we’re gonna rock your faces off!” The band will be touring this fall with Mark Shultz, Rush of Fools, David Dunn, and Natasha Owens, playing in about 30 different cities!

What is your favorite song and/or album by Kutless? Will you be attending one of the shows on their tour this fall?