Protection in the Midst of Chaos

Photo Credit: David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films

In one of the scenes from War Room, the latest Kendrick Brothers movie to come out in theaters, Elizabeth and Miss Clara are walking along when a guy comes up to them with a knife in his hand, demanding that they give him their money. Elizabeth is super scared and about to do so, but Miss Clara refuses. She commands him in Jesus’ name to put down his knife. He responds by putting it away and leaving! When the police come, and are filing a report, Miss Clara tells them to remember to write down that she told him to put away his knife in JESUS’ name, because people leave Him out all too often. Throughout the entire situation, Elizabeth is extremely nervous, while Miss Clara remains calm because of her trust in God.

In today’s crazy world, tragic events take place quite often. How can you feel safe and secure in the midst of the chaos around you? By putting your faith in God’s protection! In Psalm 91, God promises supernatural protection from all kinds of danger to those who belong to Him. Here are a few of those promises –

  • Thousands may fall all around you, but what is affect them will not come near you. (verse 7)
  • If you make God your refuge, no harm will overcome you, nor shall any disaster come near where you live. (verses 9-10)
  • He will command angels to guard you. (verse 11)
  • He will rescue, protect, and deliver you. (verses 14-15)

God’s Word will never return to Him empty. It accomplishes what He sent it to do (Isaiah 55:11). When He promises you protection, you can be certain that you are safe!

There is power in the name of Jesus! His name is above all others (Philippians 2:9). John 16:23 promises that whatever you ask for in His name will be done for you. If you ever need someone to come to your rescue, call upon His name. He is the Savior – He wants to save you!

Because of God’s protection, you can feel safe, even in the midst of a crazy, chaotic world. With Him on your side, you are well protected!

Make Spending Time with God a Priority


Photo credit: David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films

At one point in the latest Kendrick Brothers movie, War Room, Miss Clara asks Elizabeth about her prayer life. Elizabeth, who is having problems in her marriage, says that she’s busy. Miss Clara comments on the fact that in spite of her busyness and lack of time for prayer, she seems to still have time to fight losing battles with her husband.

How often do we do this – get so caught up in the busyness of our lives that we neglect spending time with God? We have so much going on that we aren’t sure how to get it all done, and praying and reading the Bible are often two of the first things we let slide. Maybe you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do about it – after all, you have certain things you need to get done, and there isn’t much time left over.

The truth of the matter, however, is that we will end up finding time for whatever we consider a priority. If we prioritize spending time with God, chances are we will be able to find time to do it. The cool thing is that instead of taking time away from us, spending time with God can actually help us out in areas in which we’re struggling, including giving us the strength and energy to handle everything else well, and wisdom in how to balance it all!

Still aren’t sure why spending time with God is such a big deal? Here are some more reasons why it’s important to do so.

  • The more you spend time with Him, the more you’ll become like Him. Hang out with someone long enough, and they’ll rub off on you. Spend enough time with God, and you’ll become more like Him!
  • He knows you better than anyone else. Spending time with God is amazing, because no matter what kind of a day you’re having, He knows what you need, and how to help you!
  • You’ll find encouragement in what He has to say to you. There are days when we are in need of encouragement, and His Word is filled with uplifting, encouraging news!
  • God can give you wisdom, and tell you things you need to know, but you need to take time to listen to what He has to say.

How much importance do you place on spending time with God? Begin to make it a priority. Take the time to read God’s Word and talk to Him, and see the difference it will make in your life!

War Room, and Answers to Prayer


War Room, the latest Kendrick Brothers film, came out in theaters on August 28th. If you enjoyed Fly Wheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous, you’ll love War Room, which combines familiar elements from previous Kendrick Brothers movies with some twists and turns that demonstrate the power of prayer, and how if we will let Him, God can turn around even the worst of circumstances.

Real estate agent Elizabeth Jordan’s marriage and family life are quickly heading downhill when she meets Miss Clara – a new client who  inspires her to develop a prayer strategy for every area of her life, and a “war room” where she can go to spend time with God in prayer. As she learns to seek God and trust him with what’s going on, things change drastically, and she begins to see what she’s been praying for come to pass – including a change of heart in her husband, and the restoration of their marriage.

War Room demonstrates that no matter how bad a situation may seem, if we invite God into it, He can totally turn things around. It shows that prayer really does make a difference, and has a tangible impact on our lives if we will make time for it.

Throughout the movie, Elizabeth learns that the enemy isn’t her husband, but rather the devil, that if she resists him, he must flee (James 4:7), and that her job is to pray and trust God to do what only He can do. No matter what you’re going through, know this – your enemy, the devil, has been defeated. Jesus won the victory over whatever you’re dealing with at the cross. If you believe in Him, you have been made right with God, and your prayers are powerful and effective (James 5:16). God desires to do amazing things in your life, and He has promised to answer when you pray (Jeremiah 33:3). Make time to come to Him and ask Him to do what only He can, confident that He will turn things around!