Believing, Speaking, and Seeing

Believing, Speaking, and Seeing
When you open your mouth to speak, what comes out? What do you words do you speak over your life? Is what you say in line with what God’s Word says about you, or does it go against His promises to you?

God created this world by speaking it into existence. We were created in His image (Genesis 1 :27), so in a similar way, the words that we speak create our world. A lot of what we see in our lives is a result of what we first believed, and then spoke. Proverbs 18:21 sums it up by saying that death and life are in the power of our tongues. The choices is ours as to which we want to experience, and we make our choice by what we allow to come out of our mouths.

Does that mean that if we say we are blue with yellow polka dots that our skin will instantly turn blue and spotted? That’s not what it is about! It’s not some kind of magic, it’s a principle God created to allow His promises to come to pass in our lives. Mark 11:23 explains this principle by saying that if we tell a mountain to move, and have faith and don’t doubt, we will have what we say. It all starts with what we choose to believe. God wants us to have faith in His promises, speak words that agree with what He says, and then see what He has promised happen in our lives.

Luke 6:45 says that we speak what our hearts are filled with. If our hearts are filled with negative beliefs that go against what God’s Word says, we will probably speak negative words and see negative things come to pass in our lives, instead of the good things God wants us to have. Because we speak and ultimately see come to pass whatever our hearts are filled with, we really do need to guard our heart against things that are contrary to God’s Word. What goes really will come out, show up, and determine the course of our lives (Prov 4:23)!

What do you want to see come to pass in your life? Choose to believe and speak forth God’s Word, and see His promises to you manifest!

Faith In God’s Promises

Faith In His PromisesSometimes the winter can seem to last forever, causing one to long for warm sunshine, bright blue skies, the beautiful flowers of spring, and the cheery singing of birds. Even on the coldest days of winter, however, we don’t doubt the coming of spring. We know that no matter how things may look at the time, it is on its way.
Faith In His Promises


In the same manner, we can trust that no matter what our circumstances, God’s promises to us are true, and that they will come to pass in our lives. Despite how things may currently look, we can be confident in the knowledge that whatever we ask for, in faith and believing, we will receive (Mark 11:24).

What are you believing God for? Know that those who ask will receive (Matthew 7:6). Have faith in God’s promises to you!

Faith In His Promises

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