Movies To Watch This Father’s Day

Movies To Watch This Father's DayThis coming Sunday (June 15) is Father’s Day – the day we celebrate our dads, and the role they play in our lives. The movies on this list are all about fathers! Choose one of them to watch this weekend!

(In this day and age, it’s difficult to find movies that contain nothing objectionable whatsoever. The movies on this list were carefully selected content-wise, and are all rated PG, with the exception of Courageous, which is rated PG-13. Always remember to use discretion in movie watching, and in selecting a movie suitable for your audience.)

  • Daddy Day Care – is about 2 men who open a childcare service after losing their jobs, and are faced with the question of what’s really most important to them – corporate life, or their family life.
  • Daddy Day Camp – The men who opened Daddy Day Care now decide to open a day camp for kids! All throughout the film, the main character is caught between the kind of father his dad was to him, and the kind of father he wants to be to his son.
  • Father of the Bride – is an older movie that’s still fun to watch! It tells the story of a father’s struggle in coming to grips with his little girl growing up and getting married, as well as dealing with all the hoopla the wedding preparations entail.
  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2 – His kids are growing up, and this dad of 12 is having a hard time lengthening the leash, and learning to letting go.
  • Down and Derby – The upcoming Pinewood derby brings out the competitive side of the fathers in this movie full-force. Will they be able to let go of the need to win, and simply enjoy some father-son bonding time, or will they take matters into their own hands?
  • Courageous – This Christian film shares the story of the triumphs and failures of, as well as the lessons learned by, 5 men who, when faced with reality of how lack of a solid father figure has messed up the lives of many, form a resolution to become the kind of men and fathers God created them to be. (Note – While possessing a great story line with an awesome message, some of the content of this movie is more appropriate for older audiences, as indicated by the PG-13 rating.)

Which of these movies have you seen? Which of them would you like to see? Which one do you like the best?