Today Is The Day Of Salvation

Today Is The Day Of Salvation A while back, I was reading a book filled with stories of some of the most
well-known evangelists and missionaries in Christian history, when I came across a story that really gripped me. It was about an incident that took place during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Once when he was preaching, Dwight L. Moody concluded his sermon by telling the people to consider the question of what they would do with Jesus over the next week. In doing so, he refrained from issuing an immediate invitation to accept Jesus as Savior.

That very night, the Chicago fire started. The destruction was widespread. Over a hundred died, and thousands were left homeless. Dwight L. Moody deeply regretted putting off a call to receive salvation for an extra week. For the many who died as a result of the fire, time had suddenly run out.

This story clearly illustrates the importance of sharing the gospel with those God has placed within our reach, while we have the chance. 2 Corinthians 6:2 emphatically states that TODAY is the day of salvation. We can’t let hesitation over finding the exact right time and place, or fear of failure or of offending others, keep us from offering the hope that is found only in Christ to those who are desperately in need of Him.

In our modern culture of political correctness, few will step up to the plate and share the good news that many are perishing for lack of. What about you? Will you be one of those who, knowing what Christ has done in their own life, are unafraid and unashamed to share Him with those whose lives they are given an opportunity to touch?
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