Read Through the Story of Jesus’ Birth by Christmas

Read Through the Story of Jesus' Birth by Christmas Title CC

The Christmas season is filled with lots of fun and celebration! Do you know what we’re celebrating? The birth of God’s Son! He came to save us, and make a way for us to have a relationship with God. That’s definitely a reason to celebrate! This December, read through the story of Jesus’ birth, and be reminded of what Christmas is really all about. Read a few verses every day, and finish it by Christmas!

Read Through the Story of Jesus' Birth by Christmas

What Does God’s Word Have To Say About Love?

God's Word Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up – a day that’s all about love! What does God’s Word have to say about love? Check this out!

Definition of love – God loved us, and sent His Son to be the sacrifice for our sins.
(1 John 4:10)

Why we love – Because God first loved us! (1 John 4:19)

Proof that God loves us – Christ died for us while we were still sinners. (Romans 5:8)

The measure of God’s love It reaches to the heavens! (Psalm 36:5)

What God’s love prompted Him to do – Give His Son for us (John 3:16). Make us alive with Christ. (Ephesians 2:4-5)

What can separate us from His love  Nothing! (Romans 8:38-39)

Words that describe God’s love – Unshakable (Isaiah 54:10). Unfailing (Psalm 36:7). Everlasting (Jeremiah 31:3).

15 Promises From God For 2015

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God has given us many promises in His Word that apply to our lives in a variety of circumstances. Here are 15 promises from your Heavenly Father to keep in mind throughout this year!

  1. If you need wisdom, ask God for it, and He will give it to you! (James 1:5)
  2. God will supply all your needs. (Philippians 4:19)
  3. Whatever you ask for when you pray, you will receive, if you believe! (Matthew 21:22)
  4. His grace is greater than any mistake you will make. (Romans 5:20)
  5. Every day of 2015, and throughout the rest of your life, His love and goodness will follow you! (Psalm 23:6)
  6. Any sickness or disease in your life, He will heal. (Psalm 103:3)
  7. If you will fix your mind on Him, He will keep you in perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3)
  8. Gladness and joy will be yours. Sorrow will flee! (Isaiah 35:10)
  9. If you put your hope in God, you will not be disappointed! (Isaiah 49:23)
  10. Your Heavenly Father will never be angry with you or rebuke you! (Isaiah 54:9)
  11. Whoever goes after you will not succeed. (Isaiah 54:15)
  12. God will protect you from all harm. (Psalm 121:7)
  13. Blessings crown your head, because you have been made right with God! (Proverbs 10:6)
  14. Whatever you do, commit it to the Lord, and He will establish your plans. (Proverbs 16:3)
  15. When you call out to Him, He will answer you. (Jeremiah 33:3)

He’s Worthy Of Praise

psalm 145 3This week’s memory verse from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is Psalm 145:3. This verse says that God is great, and most worthy of praise – that none can fathom His greatness!

Our God is most certainly great, and worthy of praise!  He is the One who created the earth – who called forth light in the darkness, who spoke the earth into being, who set life in motion, and made everything we see.  All throughout the Bible He did great and mighty things, and still does them in our lives today, if we will ask Him. He has always existed, and always will, yet He knows each of us personally, and wants us to get to know Him.

He does so much for us. He gave His Son so that we could have eternal life, and a relationship with Him. He love us, regardless of the mistakes we have made. He accepts us as His children. He gives each of us many blessings, some of which we don’t even recognize, and often forget to thank Him for.

Take some time to praise God today for who He is, and what He has done for you. Give thanks to Him!

Praise His Name

praiseThis week’s memory verse from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is Psalm 113:3. This verse says that the name of the Lord is to be praised from the rising of the sun until it sets.

Our God is worthy of our praise! He loves us so much that He sent His own Son to save us. He still cares for us, no matter how many times we mess up. His grace for us is greater outlasts our worst mistakes. He gives us a multitude of blessings we don’t deserve. He wants to have a relationship with us, even though we are far from perfect in and of ourselves. He provides for our needs, even though we don’t always remember to thank Him.

We has so much to praise and give thanks to Him for! This month, I challenge you to develop the habit of thanking God for all that He does for you by making a list of things you are thankful for. Each day, add something new for which you are thankful, and thank God for it as you write it down.

Today, remember to give thanks to God. Praise Him for His goodness towards you!

Cast Your Cares Upon Him

CastWeek 43 of Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is nearly finished. This week’s reading was 1 Peter 3-5, and 2 Peter 1-2.

1 Peter 1:7 tells us to cast all of our anxiety upon God, because He cares for us.

Are you anxious about something? Worried about how to handle a certain situation? Not sure what to do? Cast your cares upon the One who cares for you!

God loves us. Because He cares about us, He doesn’t want us to be weighed down by worries, anxieties, or cares. He wants us to give them to Him, trusting that He will take care of the things that are concerning us. He wants us to believe that He will accomplish what we can’t on our own, and show us how to handle whatever circumstance we may be facing.

A little child doesn’t worry about anything. They know that their parents will take care of them. God wants us to trust in Him the same way, knowing that He will take care of us. Have faith in your Heavenly Father, in His love for you, and in His ability to do far above all you could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20-21). Cast all your anxieties upon the One who cares for you!

God Hasn’t Given You A Spirit Of Fear

2 timothy 1 7This week’s memory verse from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is 2 Timothy 1:7. This verse states that God hasn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

“Over and over throughout the Bible, we encounter verses telling us not to be afraid. Here are a few of them.

  • Joshua 1:9 – Do not be afraid or discouraged. Why? Because your Heavenly Father is with you wherever you go!
  • Psalm 27:1 – The Lord is our light and salvation. Whom shall we fear?
  • Isaiah 41:10 – We are not to be afraid, for God is with us.
  • Isaiah 41:13 – God tells you not to fear, for He Himself will help you.
  • John 14:27 – Do not be afraid. Do not let your heart be troubled.

What are you afraid of? Know that with God on your side, you have nothing to fear. Place your trust in Him!”

Repost of “No Need For Fear.”

Powerful and Effective Prayers

Powerful and Effective PrayersWeek 42 of Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is drawing to a close. This week’s reading was James 3-5 and 1 Peter 1-2.

James 5:16 says that the prayers of a righteous person are effective and powerful. You have been made righteous through faith in Christ (Philippians 3:9). Therefore, your prayers are powerful and effective! Nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37), and He promises that when you call to Him, He will answer you (Jeremiah 33:3). You have been given power over all the power of the devil (Luke 10:19). When you resist him, he must flee
(James 4:7)!

You have been given right standing with God through faith. You don’t need to be afraid to ask Him for what you need. He wants you to come before Him with the freedom and confidence of knowing that you are His child (Ephesians 3:12), and that He will give good gifts to those who ask (Matthew 7:11).

You are the righteousness of God in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). When you pray, know that your prayers are powerful and effective because of what Jesus has done for you!

You Are His!

You Are His!This week’s memory verse is Isaiah 43:1. It tells us not to fear, because God has redeemed us, and summoned us by name, and we are His.

We have been redeemed. At the cross, Jesus paid the price to save us, and set us free. In Him we have redemption – the forgiveness of all of our sins (Ephesians 1:7). He bought us back at a high cost. Now we can have a relationship with the One who made us!

God has called us by name. He knows who we are. He is familiar with all of our ways (Psalm 139:3). He has numbered the hairs on our heads (Matthew 10:30)! He cares about each of us individually, and He has a plan for each of us. He knows the plans He has for us, and they are for our prosperity, not our harm – to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)!

You are His! Wherever you go, God is with you. If you have received Jesus as your Savior, then He is your Heavenly Father, and you are His child. No mistake that you make, no failure on your part, can change that! None can pluck you out of His hand (John 10:28)!

Fear not. You have been redeemed and summoned by name. You are His!