All That He Has Done For Us

All That He Has Done For UsThis week’s memory verse for Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is Isaiah 53:5. This verse states that Jesus was wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, that the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and that by His stripes, we are healed.

Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities. Sin must be punished, and Jesus took our sins upon Himself, suffering the punishment that we deserved. Through the giving of His life for us at the cross, He paid the price for our sins once and for all.

When we do something wrong, we experience this feeling, deep down, that someone must pay. It’s hard for us to truly be at peace when we are plagued by condemnation, guilt, and shame over failures. God wants us to rest, however, in the knowledge that the chastisement for our peace was upon Christ – that He has paid the price for each and every wrong we have ever committed, or ever will commit. Knowing this, we can experience the true peace that God wants us to walk in.

By Jesus’ stripes, we are healed. He purchased our healing. He bought back our health and wholeness. With every lash He bore, sickness and disease met their end. Because of what He has done, all manner of illness and infirmity has no right to remain on our bodies. The stripes that He bore guaranteed our health and healing, if only we will receive them.

Jesus did all of this for you and me. Through His death, He paid the price for our sins, for us to experience peace, and for divine health and healing to be ours. Let’s give thanks to our Savior for all that He has done for us, and walk in all that He has provided for us by giving His life on our behalf!

Forget Not All His Benefits

Forget Not All His BenefitsThis week’s memory verse from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is Psalms 103:2. It bids us to bless the Lord, and not to forget His benefits.

Many in the Body of Christ today feel that our focus should be seeking the face of God, rather than just His hand – as if going after what He can do for us is a self-centered misuse of our time and attention in our relationship with Him. In Psalm 103:2, however, we are told quite the opposite – that we are not to forget His benefits.

Psalm 103:3-5 goes on to list some of these benefits:

  • Forgiveness of all of our sins (verse 3)
  • Healing of all of our diseases (verse 3)
  • Redemption of our life from the pit (verse 4)
  • Being crowned with love and compassion (verse 4)
  • The satisfaction of our desires with good things (verse 5)
  • This satisfaction of our desires leading to our youth being renewed like the eagle’s (verse 5)

God loves us dearly as His sons and daughters. Because of His great love for us, He delights in blessing us. He wants us to receive these blessings. To refuse them, in fact, is far greater selfishness than to accept them with eagerness, joy, anticipation, and thanksgiving. Bless the Lord, and forget not all of His benefits!

Forget Not All His Benefits


ShineThis week’s memory passage from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is
Isaiah 60:1-3. These verses bid us to arise and shine. They inform us that though darkness covers the earth, the Lord’s glory appears upon us, and many will come to our light.

Though the world around us is dark, we shine forth the light of God. His love and favor are on our lives as His children. The knowledge of this love and favor makes us shine in a way that attracts those around us. They will notice that there’s something different about us, and want what we have.

We are not of the night or the darkness. We are children of the light and the day
(1 Thessalonians 5:5). We have been called out of the darkness, and into our Heavenly Father’s marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9). He is our light and salvation (Psalm 27:1). Our light comes from Him. We reflect His brightness to a dark world, pointing them to the One who is the Light of the World (John 8:12).

You are a light in a dark place! Many will be drawn to the light of God’s love and favor that shine upon you in Christ. Know and believe that His glory will be seen upon you!