American Idol and the Music Industry with Colton Dixon

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Lifest – Oshkosh, WI

Before Colton Dixon performed at Lifest, I got to chat with him about what he took away spiritually from American Idol, the pressures of the music industry, and how he’s seen them affect people. To see what he had to say, check out this video from Generation Arise’s YouTube channel (Generation Arise is my site geared specifically towards teens and young adults)!

Colton Dixon finished in 7th place on the 11th season of American Idol. He has gone on to establish a career in the Christian music industry. With many devoted fans, Colton Dixon has a great platform to encourage others in their faith through his music!

Colton Dixon’s most recent album, Anchor, is all about distractions, and focusing on your relationship with God.  While touring, Colton discovered how easy it can be to get distracted on the road, even just by the little things that will steal your time if you let them. Sometimes in ministry, you can begin to count the time you spend ministering to others as your time with Jesus, and Colton realized he wasn’t getting the personal time that he needed with God, which was necessary as an anchor in his life.

Colton Dixon’s single, “Through All Of It,” has done extremely well. Colton did a social media campaign in support of the single and its message, encouraging people to send in their stories of how God has been with them through all of it – both the joy and the pain. What he didn’t tell them was that a few of the stories were going to be selected to include in the music video for the song! It is his favorite video that he’s been a part of. Lots of other people like the song and video too, and it blew up on social media! The video released around the time of the tragedy that took place in Charleston, so Colton Dixon dedicated it to the people of the city.

For Colton Dixon, American Idol proved to be a crash course in the music industry, aiding many different aspects of his career, such as teaching him how to do camera interviews and work the stage, and helping him with his communication skills and confidence. It presented him with a great platform, which he’s thankful for.

Ever wondered how Colton Dixon began styling his hair the way he does? It’s actually a result of the rules of a private school he attended, which required his hair to be trimmed above their eyebrows, behind his ears, and above his shirt collar. Colton started putting it up with lots of gel, so if he shook his head it would stay in place, meeting the dress code. Thus, his trademark hairstyle was born!

Colton Dixon grew up in a Christian home. He accepted Christ at the age of 7. That was the beginning of his story, and since then, he has seen God move in his life. He’s wanted to do what he’s gotten to over the past few years ever since he was 13. He says the first time he tried out for American Idol, he wasn’t ready, but then when he wasn’t looking for anything was when it happened. He also says that his desire has shifted from wanting it to be about his career and fame to wanting to win souls for the Lord – a goal that his music clearly portrays!

If you love Colton Dixon’s music, then you’ll want to be sure to check out his upcoming EPs, Calm and Storm, which feature remixed versions of fan favorites. The EPs will be available September 11, both separately and together as 1 full length album!