Are You A Dried Out Sponge?


Love Others.

It’s what we are supposed to do. It’s what we have been told to do over and over. It’s what God’s Word tells us to do. Why do we so often fail in doing so?

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 lists all the different things love is and does. It’s patient. It’s kind. It doesn’t envy. It never boasts. It isn’t proud. It isn’t rude or selfish. It isn’t made angry easily, and it doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. It doesn’t delight in evil, but it does rejoice with the truth. It protects, trusts, and hopes. It never ever gives up. It does not fail. It other words, it is practically perfect on a continual basis!

Think about your actions over the past 24 hours. Did you exemplify all of these character traits unfailingly, without the slightest mess up? Of course not! None of us can.

When we try and try on our own to love others, we will never wholly succeed. Us trying to love others in our own strength is like squeezing a dried out sponge. No matter how hard you may squeeze it, nothing is going to come out, because there’s nothing in it!

We don’t have anything on our own to give to others. Only when we are filled with God’s love do we have anything to give out! What if the dry sponge we were talking about were dropped into a dishpan full of water, and allowed to sit theree, absorbing the water? What would happen afterwards when you squeezed it? Water would come out! Because it had spent time soaking water in, there was something in it that could come out!

In a similar manner, the only way to successfully show love to others is to spend time soaking in God’s love for you! Receive His love. Read about it in His Word. Spend time meditating on it. Ask Him to give you a fresh revelation of it. Once you have absorbed your Heavenly Father’s love, you will have something to give out to those around you. You will be able to love others effectively because you have been filled with God’s affection for you!

Are you a dried out sponge? Allow God to fill you with His love. Spend time soaking in His affection, so you have something to offer to those around you!

Love Notes From God, Now Available For Purchase!


Love Notes From God is now available for purchase!

Love Notes From God is now available for purchase at! Love Notes From God is a two week devotional all about God’s love for you. It contains scriptures about the love of God, written in the form of love notes from Him to you. The biblical truth of each scripture is then expounded upon, followed by a key thought for the day, a short prayer, and additional suggested reading under For Further Study. Each devotional has a corresponding love note image that you can print out and give to someone else to encourage them in their relationship with God, or keep for yourself, for your own encouragement!

God loves each of us more than we can imagine, on a personal level. He wants us not just to give mental assent to the fact that He loves us, but to truly understand and experience His love! Having this understanding of His love is vital to our lives as believers. The more we put our trust in His affection, the more confident we will become in our position as His son or daughter. When we really comprehend how much He loves us, we will begin to return His love more than ever before. As receive His love, it will spill over to others, and we will begin to show them the love we have been given!

Valentine’s Day is coming up. What better time to study God’s love? Focus in on His affection for you with Love Notes From God! Click here to purchase your copy of the pdf file!