Cyber Monday Special, and a New Release

Cyber Monday Special, and a New Release CC

For Cyber Monday, Called and Created is offering a special deal – the Love Notes From God bundle, for only $5! The Love Notes From God bundle includes both the Love Notes From God devotional AND the brand new Love Notes From God Journal that goes along with it. At $5 for the entire bundle, you get both the devotional and the journal for the same price that the devotional typically costs on its own. Make sure you take advantage of this deal – it ends at 12 pm CST!

The Love Notes From God devotional is a 14 day devotional that’s all about God’s love for you! In the devotional, I took 14 scriptures about God’s love and put them in the form of love notes from Him to you. There’s a devotion to go along with each love note, complete with a key thought for the day, a short prayer, and a few extra scriptures for further study. Also included in the journal is a set of printable graphics that correspond with the love notes, that you can print out and either give to someone else, or keep for your own encouragement!

The Love Notes From God Journal is a brand new journal I just came out with that goes along with the Love Notes From God devotional. There are three journal pages to go with each day’s devotion. The first page provides a place for you to write down your reflections on the devotion for the day. The second page is filled with questions that go along with the day’s devotion, along with a space to answer each of them, to help you process what you read. The third page is devoted to prayer, complete with a spot for you to write out a prayer to God, as well as a place to record what you feel that He is saying to you!

The Love Notes From God devotional and Love Notes From God Journal can be purchased separately at Called and Created’s store, or they can be purchased together in the Love Notes From God bundle for a discounted price. Today, the price of the Love Notes From God bundle is even lower than normal for a special Cyber Monday deal. You can purchase both the devotional and the journal for just $5!

Visit to check out the new Love Notes From God Journal, and to take advantage of Called and Created’s Cyber Monday special!

Notice and Thank God for His Goodness

Notice and Thank God for His Goodness

In The Ultimate Gift, Red Stevens heads out on his own to begin the process of building a billion-dollar fortune for himself. After leaving home, he hops a train along with a man who’s a quite a few years older than him. He sees the man writing in the air with his finger, and asks the man what he is doing. The man tells him that he’s making his “Golden List” – a list of 10 things he’s thankful for that day. Red Stevens doesn’t see much to be thankful for, and says he’ll be thankful later on. The man tells him that everyone has at least 10 things to be thankful for, and if he isn’t thankful now for the little things, he never will be thankful for anything!

November is the month in which Thanksgiving takes place. Because of that, around this time of year, people are big into thinking about all the things they have to be thankful for. Developing an attitude of thankfulness is something that’s important for each of us to do. Thankfulness starts with the goodness of God. It is His goodness towards us that gives us a reason to be grateful. After all, if it weren’t for His goodness to us, we would have nothing to be thankful for! The more we learn to recognize God’s goodness and how He’s at work in our lives, the more we will begin to develop a consistent attitude of gratitude, and a habit of giving thanks to Him!

How do we learn to recognize God’s goodness? Because in spite of His constant goodness to us, we often forget to thank Him for, or don’t even realize, all that He does for us. One good way to train ourselves to see how He is working in our lives is by taking time each day to think about how we have seen His blessing on our lives throughout the day. As we do this, we will become used to keeping our eyes open for evidence of His goodness to us, and get in the habit of giving thanks to Him.

Your challenge? Every day until Thanksgiving, make your own “Golden List” each day. Purposefully sit down and make a list of 10 things you are thankful for from throughout the day, and take time to thank God for them. By the time Thanksgiving is here, you’ll have at least begun to make a habit out of noticing the goodness of your Heavenly Father, and giving thanks to Him for all that He does for you!

Sharing Our Heavenly Father’s Love with Holly Starr

Sharing Our Heavenly Father's Love with Holly Starr

Christian singer Holly Starr has come out with several albums filled with music that glorifies God over the past 7 years. She just released her 4th album, Everything I Need, on September 18. Her vocally-driven, pop/contemporary style songs share the powerful message of our Heavenly Father’s love for His children!

I recently got to interview Holly Starr for my ministry site for teens and young adults, Click on the links below, and check out what she had to say!

Hear from Holly Starr – Part 1

Holly Starr on her music, her career as a singer, and how she desires for God to use her and the songs she sings to impact the lives of others!

Hear from Holly Starr – Part 2

Holly Starr on her favorite part of what she does, the pressure to live up to others’ expectations, growing up in a Christian home, and more!

Which of Holly Starr’s songs is your favorite? Have you checked out her latest album?

Believing, Speaking, and Seeing

Believing, Speaking, and Seeing
When you open your mouth to speak, what comes out? What do you words do you speak over your life? Is what you say in line with what God’s Word says about you, or does it go against His promises to you?

God created this world by speaking it into existence. We were created in His image (Genesis 1 :27), so in a similar way, the words that we speak create our world. A lot of what we see in our lives is a result of what we first believed, and then spoke. Proverbs 18:21 sums it up by saying that death and life are in the power of our tongues. The choices is ours as to which we want to experience, and we make our choice by what we allow to come out of our mouths.

Does that mean that if we say we are blue with yellow polka dots that our skin will instantly turn blue and spotted? That’s not what it is about! It’s not some kind of magic, it’s a principle God created to allow His promises to come to pass in our lives. Mark 11:23 explains this principle by saying that if we tell a mountain to move, and have faith and don’t doubt, we will have what we say. It all starts with what we choose to believe. God wants us to have faith in His promises, speak words that agree with what He says, and then see what He has promised happen in our lives.

Luke 6:45 says that we speak what our hearts are filled with. If our hearts are filled with negative beliefs that go against what God’s Word says, we will probably speak negative words and see negative things come to pass in our lives, instead of the good things God wants us to have. Because we speak and ultimately see come to pass whatever our hearts are filled with, we really do need to guard our heart against things that are contrary to God’s Word. What goes really will come out, show up, and determine the course of our lives (Prov 4:23)!

What do you want to see come to pass in your life? Choose to believe and speak forth God’s Word, and see His promises to you manifest!

You DO Matter to God!

Have you ever wondered if you really matter to God? If out of all the people in the world, He really notices and cares about you in particular? If you are truly unique and valuable in His eyes?

Guess what??? You DO matter to God! You matter to Him so much that He went to great lengths to pursue you and bring you to Him, willingly giving His very best so that you could be His!

At one point, you were without hope and without God in this world (Eph 2:12). This was not the way God wanted things to be. He so desired a relationship with you that He sent Jesus (who was God in the flesh), specifically to make a way for you to get to know Him. He didn’t spare His own Son, but gave Him up for YOU (Rom 8:32)! He did this not only for the world at large, but also with you in particular in mind! Would He really have done this if you didn’t matter to Him???

Want further proof that you individually matter to God? Check out Ephesians 1:4-5! These verses say that before the world was even created, He chose YOU to be holy and without blame in His eyes (Jesus made this possible at the cross)! They state that God decided in advance to adopt YOU, and make YOU a part of His family! These verses offer proof that God does indeed value you, and care about you specifically, as a individual who has been created in His image (Gen 1:27)!

Know that you DO matter to God. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise! If you ever doubt it, just spend some time in His Word, and you’ll find plenty of proof that it indeed is true!

Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

Check out the links below, and discover tons of awesome ways to enjoy this summer!

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Summer Photography Challenge
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What God’s Word Has To Say About Prayer

prayer, God's Word

Today is the National Day of Prayer!

What is prayer? Simply put, it is having a conversation with God. He wants to hear from you! He also desires to speak to you in return, if you will take the time to listen.

What does God’s Word have to say about prayer? Check out these verses, and find out!

  • Jeremiah 33:3 says that God promises to answer us when we pray to Him.
  • Psalm 62:8 bids us to pour out our hearts before our Heavenly Father.
  • Matthew 21:22 promises that we will receive what we ask for when we pray, if we believe.
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray continually.
  • James 5:16 informs us that the prayer of someone who is righteous (and you ARE righteous if you have put your faith in Jesus!) is powerful and effective!
  • Psalm 34:15 declares that God’s ears are attentive to the cries of the righteous (and you are the righteousness of God in Christ, according to 2 Cor 5:21).
  • Romans 12:12 instructs us to keep on praying.
  • Philippians 4:6 tells not to be anxious, but instead to present our requests to God.

I challenge you to take some time today both to talk to your Heavenly Father, and to listen for what He has to say to you!

NBC Aires A.D. The Bible Continues, Follow Up to The Bible Series


NBC is airing a mini series called A.D. The Bible Continues. Picking up where The Bible left off, this new 12 episode series focuses on the events that took place following Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The first episode, which premiered on April 5 (Easter day!), covers Jesus’ crucifixion, and the confusion felt by many over the events surrounding His death. Episode 1 also covers the time between when He died and when He rose again, winding things up with an angel rolling away the stone from the tomb. It hits the main highlights, as well as a number of the details, of what Scripture says took place.  In addition, it gives us a glimpse as to what might have been going through the heads of some of those who played a part in the story.

There is some use of poetic license to add drama and build suspense (for example, some of the scenes and dialogue didn’t come directly from the Bible, though they were centered around the story line set forth in God’s Word). However, the first episode of A.D. The Bible Continues presents the story of the cross quite accurately, in a way that engages without detracting from the main message – what our Savior did for us.

It’s exciting to see Bible stories coming to life on public tv! This world DESPERATELY NEEDS the message of the gospel, and television can and should be able to provide another avenue for them to receive it. In the midst of all of the tv shows and movies to be found that are filled with bad language and negative content that send the wrong message, it’s really cool to see a series that draws attention to God’s Word!

Have you seen the first episode of A.D. The Bible Continues? Do you plan to tune in and watch the rest of the series?

Definitions of Words Christians Use


Maybe you’ve heard these words used over and over by other believers, and used them often enough yourself, but have you ever wondered what they really mean? If asked to explain them, what would you say? Check out these definitions of some of the words Christians often use!

Salvation – Salvation is Jesus saving us from our sins, and the punishment that goes with them. It is a free gift from God that allows us to have a relationship with Him. Because salvation is a free gift, there’s nothing we can do to earn it. All we need to do is receive it!

Redemption – We have been redeemed. In other words, God paid a price for us so that we could be His. That price was the life of His Son, whom He sent to save us.

Righteousness – Jesus took our place of sin so that we could take His place of right standing with God. Jesus lived the perfect life for us that we could never live. If we accept Him as our Savior, God sees us as if we were as perfect as He is. Jesus took care of the things we have done wrong, so that there is no longer anything standing between us and God!

Justification –  Jesus took our place, and gave His life for us, receiving the punishment that should have been ours. Because of this, God, the ultimate Judge, declares that we are blameless!

Grace – Grace means that instead of giving us the punishment we do deserve, God gives us what we don’t deserve – a relationship with Him, and all of His blessings (such as life, health, provision, peace, and joy)!