Touching Lives for God with Chris Tomlin

Touching Lives for God with Chris Tomlin

Lifest – Oshkosh, WI

Ever-popular Christian artist Chris Tomlin has been leading people in glorifying God, and recording worship songs that are widely used by churches, for over a decade. He continues to come out with songs that become hit worship anthems, touching a multitude of lives for God through his music.

Love Ran Red

The title of Chris Tomlin’s most recent album, Love Ran Red, comes from his favorite song on the album, “At the Cross,” which he considers the centerpiece of the album. “It’s really a special song to me, and obviously that’s why we titled the record that,” he explains. He goes on to say that there have been people outside of the body of Christ who ask what “love ran red” means, providing the perfect opportunity to tell them about what Jesus did for them at the cross. “When I say ‘love ran red,’ I’m talking about the love of Jesus, the cross, and the blood of Jesus,” Chris Tomlin informs. “When I think about my music, I’m trying to do two things – share about the greatness of God, and the grace of God . . .” he continues, stating that this was where he was heading with Love Ran Red. The album includes songs like “Almighty,” which are all about the greatness, majesty, and holiness of God, and songs such as “Jesus Loves Me,” which are centered around God’s grace, demonstrating that he met his goal.

What Is Worship?

Chris Tomlin, who has long been involved in leading others in worship, defines worship as our response to God. “For me, it is responding to God for what He’s done in my life, who He is in my life,” he states. “I try to write songs to help people respond to God,” he continues. He explains that everyone worships something – that what you worship is what sits on the throne of your life, which you consider of highest value. For many people, that’s God, but there are many with whom that isn’t the case. According to Chris Tomlin, worship is about much more than singing. It’s responding in how you live your life. “Every part of our life is a worship moment to God,” he concludes.

Favorite Bible Verse

Chris Tomlin’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 11:36 – “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.” (NASB) “I love how that just captures everything – that one simple verse,” he explains. He compares it to the doxology, saying that it captures all the theology and what we’re talking about during worship.

This summer, I had the opportunity to chat with Chris Tomlin at Lifest. See what he had to say about the role worship plays in his life, his advice to those who are having a difficult time connecting with God during worship, and more!

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