Become Good at Receiving from God!

Become Good at Receiving from God

Are you good at receiving? Or do you have a difficult time accepting something as a free gift?

Sometimes, it can be hard for us to allow others to do things just to bless us. When we go out for coffee with a friend and they want to pay the bill, we insist that we must pay for our own beverage. When someone we know tries to give us a gift, we tell them that they really didn’t have to get one for us. We make the simple task of receiving what is freely given to us into a complicated matter involving lots of going back and forth. Our acceptance is more grudging that gracious, because we feel awkward simply taking what we are being offered, thanking the giver for their kindness, and allowing them to have the joy of blessing someone they care about.

This difficulty in receiving can easily transfer over into our relationship with God. He has so many good things He wants to give us, that Jesus paid the price for us to be able to have, but there’s one catch – He offers them to us as free gifts, which must be received, not earned. This is actually good news for us, because we can never be good enough to earn God’s blessings anyways. However, we still like to try. We have a hard time accepting God’s good gifts as freely as they are given. We come up with all kinds of excuses of why they can’t be for us, when all the while the only thing God is asking of us is that we would just receive what He is offering to us.

God loves seeing His children enjoy all that He has for them. It brings Him joy when you receive His blessings as the free gift He intends them to be. You can’t earn them, so to receive them is the only way they are ever going to be yours. Overcome your difficulty in accepting what He offers you with a thank you, and become good at receiving from Him!

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