Transformed By The Renewing Of Our Minds

Transformed By The Renewing Of Our MindsWeek 23 of Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is almost over. This week’s reading was Romans 8-12. These chapters further continue Paul’s epistle to the church at Rome.

Romans 12:2 bids us not to be conformed to this world’s pattern, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Then we will be able to test and approve what is God’s will.

We live in the world. We are constantly surrounded by its mindsets and mentalities. We encounter many examples of people doing things the world’s way each and every day. However, we do not belong to the world. We have been chosen out it (John 15:19). We are part of God’s kingdom, and we are to do things His way, rather than the way of the world. We are to be transformed by allowing our minds to be renewed to what He says.

The more we read God’s Word and spend time with Him, the more our minds will become renewed. We will find out who He is, and who we are in Him. We will discover His way of doing things. As our minds are being renewed, we will be transformed into His image more and more. We will become more like Him, and less like the world around us. Let’s be conformed no longer to this world’s pattern, but allow ourselves to be transformed by the renewing of our minds!

Movies To Watch This Father’s Day

Movies To Watch This Father's DayThis coming Sunday (June 15) is Father’s Day – the day we celebrate our dads, and the role they play in our lives. The movies on this list are all about fathers! Choose one of them to watch this weekend!

(In this day and age, it’s difficult to find movies that contain nothing objectionable whatsoever. The movies on this list were carefully selected content-wise, and are all rated PG, with the exception of Courageous, which is rated PG-13. Always remember to use discretion in movie watching, and in selecting a movie suitable for your audience.)

  • Daddy Day Care – is about 2 men who open a childcare service after losing their jobs, and are faced with the question of what’s really most important to them – corporate life, or their family life.
  • Daddy Day Camp – The men who opened Daddy Day Care now decide to open a day camp for kids! All throughout the film, the main character is caught between the kind of father his dad was to him, and the kind of father he wants to be to his son.
  • Father of the Bride – is an older movie that’s still fun to watch! It tells the story of a father’s struggle in coming to grips with his little girl growing up and getting married, as well as dealing with all the hoopla the wedding preparations entail.
  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2 – His kids are growing up, and this dad of 12 is having a hard time lengthening the leash, and learning to letting go.
  • Down and Derby – The upcoming Pinewood derby brings out the competitive side of the fathers in this movie full-force. Will they be able to let go of the need to win, and simply enjoy some father-son bonding time, or will they take matters into their own hands?
  • Courageous – This Christian film shares the story of the triumphs and failures of, as well as the lessons learned by, 5 men who, when faced with reality of how lack of a solid father figure has messed up the lives of many, form a resolution to become the kind of men and fathers God created them to be. (Note – While possessing a great story line with an awesome message, some of the content of this movie is more appropriate for older audiences, as indicated by the PG-13 rating.)

Which of these movies have you seen? Which of them would you like to see? Which one do you like the best?

Summer Playlist

Summer PlaylistLooking for some music to rock out to this summer? Check out these songs, and include some of them in your summer playlist!

  1. Ready Set Go by Royal Tailor
  2. Unstoppable by Tobymac
  3. Amazing Life by Britt Nicole
  4. The Show by Hawk Nelson
  5. Welcome To Daylight by Luminate
  6. Restart by Newsboys
  7. All My Heart by Stellar Kart
  8. Never Be Alone by Capital Kings
  9. Circles by Anthem Lights
  10. Alive by Hillsong Young and Free

What is your favorite genre of music? Which of these songs do you like best? What other Christian songs and artists do you enjoy listening to?

True Love

True LoveWhat is love – true love? Is it something that can be forced? Is it an emotion we can simply conjure up?

Think for a moment of a mother and her newborn baby. She doesn’t have to try to muster up an attitude of caring for her child. A natural affection for her new son or daughter simply springs up within her heart – untaught, and unprompted.

It’s the same way with loving God and others. As we grow in our relationship with God, and get to know Him better, we will fall in love with Him more and more, simply because of who He is. His love will fill our hearts, causing us to truly love those around us.

Love that is forced isn’t true love. It’s a mere sense of duty or obligation, by which our actions are governed. It proves but a poor substitute for the genuine. If we are simply acting a certain way because we feel that it is the right thing to do, it won’t likely last as long as if it were true affection, birthed out of a knowledge of the amazing love of God.

When our love for God becomes a response to a real understanding of how much He loves us, and our love for others is simply an overflowing of His love filling our hearts, that love will be far more true, lasting, and genuine than anything we could conjure up on our own.

Where does your love for God and for others come from? Does it spring from your own efforts, or from your Heavenly Father’s love for you? To truly love God and others with an affection that’s sincere and genuine, draw closer to the One who loves you the most!

True Love

Forget Not All His Benefits

Forget Not All His BenefitsThis week’s memory verse from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is Psalms 103:2. It bids us to bless the Lord, and not to forget His benefits.

Many in the Body of Christ today feel that our focus should be seeking the face of God, rather than just His hand – as if going after what He can do for us is a self-centered misuse of our time and attention in our relationship with Him. In Psalm 103:2, however, we are told quite the opposite – that we are not to forget His benefits.

Psalm 103:3-5 goes on to list some of these benefits:

  • Forgiveness of all of our sins (verse 3)
  • Healing of all of our diseases (verse 3)
  • Redemption of our life from the pit (verse 4)
  • Being crowned with love and compassion (verse 4)
  • The satisfaction of our desires with good things (verse 5)
  • This satisfaction of our desires leading to our youth being renewed like the eagle’s (verse 5)

God loves us dearly as His sons and daughters. Because of His great love for us, He delights in blessing us. He wants us to receive these blessings. To refuse them, in fact, is far greater selfishness than to accept them with eagerness, joy, anticipation, and thanksgiving. Bless the Lord, and forget not all of His benefits!

Forget Not All His Benefits

Made Righteous Through Faith

Made Righteous Through FaithWeek 22 of Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is nearing its end. This week’s reading was Romans 3-7. These chapters continue Paul’s epistle to the Romans.

Romans 3:10 declares that there is no one who is righteous – not even one. We have all sinned – all broken God’s law. None of us can keep all of His commandments perfectly.We simply can’t  be made right with God through our actions. No matter how hard we try, we can never be good enough to earn His acceptance.

If we can’t be made righteous through our own efforts, then how are we made right with God? Romans 3:21-22 gives us the answer. It speaks of a righteousness that is apart from the law – a righteousness that comes through faith to all who believe. We are made right with God not by our actions, but by having faith in Jesus, and what He’s done for us. When we believe in Him, His righteousness is accredited to us. This is how we are made right in the eyes of our Heavenly Father!

None of us are righteous, in and of ourselves. We are made righteous through faith in Christ. Let’s trust in Him for our righteousness!

Summer To-Do List

Summer To-Do ListLooking for fun things to do this summer? Check out this summertime to-do list!

  • Invite some friends over, and have a bonfire.
  • Go on a walk, and talk to your Heavenly Father.
  • Enjoy a picnic.
  • Take some time to read a good book.
  • Is it a really hot day – so warm you that don’t want to go outside? Stay in, and watch your favorite movie!
  • Chat with a friend over a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea.
  • Relax, watch the sun set, and thank God for His beautiful creation!
  • Capture the season by taking summer photos..
  • Put together a summer playlist of some of your favorite songs to rock out to!

He Gave His Son For Us

He Gave His Son For UsThis week’s memory verse from Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is Romans 8:32. This verse asks the question of how God, who gave up His Son for us, will not freely give us all things, along with Him.

We can’t save ourselves. Try as we might, we simply can’t earn a relationship with God. The only way for us to be saved was for Jesus to come, take our sins upon Himself, and give His life for us. God knew this, and out of His great love for us, didn’t spare His Son, but gave Him up for us. He gave the very best He had to offer, that we might become His children. How amazing is the affection that prompted Him to do so!

If God gave His Son for us, how can we possibly think that He would withhold from us any of His blessings? After giving us His best, do we really believe that He would refuse us the healing, provision, peace, joy, prosperity, or anything else, that we are lacking? By giving us Jesus, He proved once and for all His willingness to bless us in ways that are far beyond what we deserve.

God did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us. This is the kind of love He has for you. Trust in that love, and His willingness to bless you. Come to Him with your every need, confident that He both can and will supply!