Made Righteous Through Faith

Made Righteous Through FaithWeek 22 of Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is nearing its end. This week’s reading was Romans 3-7. These chapters continue Paul’s epistle to the Romans.

Romans 3:10 declares that there is no one who is righteous – not even one. We have all sinned – all broken God’s law. None of us can keep all of His commandments perfectly.We simply can’t ┬ábe made right with God through our actions. No matter how hard we try, we can never be good enough to earn His acceptance.

If we can’t be made righteous through our own efforts, then how are we made right with God? Romans 3:21-22 gives us the answer. It speaks of a righteousness that is apart from the law – a righteousness that comes through faith to all who believe. We are made right with God not by our actions, but by having faith in Jesus, and what He’s done for us. When we believe in Him, His righteousness is accredited to us. This is how we are made right in the eyes of our Heavenly Father!

None of us are righteous, in and of ourselves. We are made righteous through faith in Christ. Let’s trust in Him for our righteousness!

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