What Do You Want Him To Do For You?

What Do You Want Him To Do For You?Week Three of Called and Created’s Bible Reading and Memorization Plan is approaching its end. This week’s reading was Matthew 15-20. In these chapters, Jesus addressed the Pharisees, performed miracles of healing and the feeding of multitudes, and informed His disciples of His upcoming death. These chapters also relate some of Jesus’ conversations with His disciples, a few of His parables, and an account of His transfiguration.

In Matthew 20:29-34, we read of two blind men who desired for Jesus to heal them. They called out to Him to have mercy on them. Though the crowd told them to be quiet, Jesus stopped and asked them what they wanted Him to do for them. They told Him they wished to receive their sight. Jesus had compassion on them, and healed them.

If Jesus asked you what you wanted Him to do for you, what would your answer be? Would you respond readily, confident that your request would be granted? Or would you hesitate, unsure of whether or not you would receive what you asked for?

In Matthew 7:8, we learned that those who ask receive, those who seek find, and that the door will be opened to the one who knocks. Our Savior went about doing good, healing ALL whom the devil oppressed (Acts 10:38). Never once in Scripture do we read of Jesus turning away someone who came to Him. Rather, all who sought Him received what they were in need of. What do you want Him to do for you? Request that which you lack, confident that you will receive!

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