A Heart of Gratitude – Day Nine

a heart of gratitude - day nine“For all things are for your
sakes, so that the grace
which is spreading to more
and more people may cause
the giving of thanks to abound
to the glory of God.”
2 Corinthians 4:15, NASB

This is the time of year associated with counting our blessings, and thankfulness for all of the good things in our lives. In this season of being grateful, what is it that causes our thanks to abound? What possesses the ability to kindle in us a response of gratitude? What holds the power to instigate an overflow of thanksgiving?

According to 2 Corinthians 4:15, it is God’s amazing grace that causes the giving of thanks to abound to His glory. When we recognize all that God has done for us – all that He’s freely given – it will ignite in us a blaze of gratitude towards Him. His unmerited favor rests on each of our lives – based not on our own actions, but those of the Savior on our behalf. We all have sinned, and fall far short of God’s glorious standard on a daily basis
(Romans 3:23). No matter how hard we try, we never can be good enough to deserve the blessings of God. Knowing this, and loving us beyond measure, God sent His only Son to die for us, bearing the punishment that we deserved. Now, He offers salvation to us as a free gift. We are saved by His abundant grace, through faith in what His Son did for us at the cross (Ephesians 2:8). Made right in God’s eyes, we have been qualified to receive all that our Heavenly Father has for us, held out to us free for the taking.

Our God is so very good! He is both compassionate and gracious, abounding in love (Psalm 103:8) He does not treat us as our wrongdoings merit, nor repay us according to our failures (Psalm 103:10). Rather, He forgives ALL of our sins (Psalm 103:3), not counting them against us (2 Corinthians 5:19). In fact, He remembers them no more (Hebrews 8:12)! He receives us as His children (1 John 3:1), and freely gives us many good things. Surely these are ample proofs of His wonderful grace!

What does this grace accomplish in our lives? When truly understood, it prompts within us a sense of abounding gratitude, and an overflowing thankfulness to our wonderful King, which others can see and recognize. They will observe the difference He’s made in our lives, how real He is to us, and be drawn towards Him. It all starts, however, with a comprehension of the incredible, surpassing grace of our loving Heavenly Father. If you want to foster a greater sense of gratitude within your heart this Thanksgiving season, begin meditating on this grace. (For a list of scriptures that speak to the subject, see the post God’s Wonderful Grace.)

Listen to this song, and ask God to give you a greater revelation of His grace than ever before!

“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.” 

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