Love Nailed to a Cross

Love Nailed to a Cross

Love nailed to a cross for all to see
The Son of God became sin for me.
Can it be that grace divine
Came down to save and now is mine?
How could He – the Son of Man –
Reach out to me His nail-pierced hand,
Call me by name, and welcome me in,
His blood obliterating every sin?

Grace so amazing swept in like a tide
Through His death I have gained new life.
The fight is over, the battle’s won,
His finished work I rest upon.
In this knowledge I’m filled with peace
Here in my Savior, my strivings cease.
With Him came truth, with Him came grace,
He gave His all and took my place.

I know I could never begin to repay
A sacrifice complete in every way.
Yet it is offered as a free gift,
So I receive all my Savior did.
I’m seated with Him in realms above
And on this earth, filled with His love
Demonstrated clearly at the cross,
Where He paid for me the highest cost.

None could ever begin to compare
With Him whose praise I delight to declare.
I consider all loss, save the One
Who came down from heaven – God’s own Son.
He inspires in me a passionate desire
For more of Him, the all-consuming fire.
I simply just can’t help but tell
The world of Him who loves me so well.

About Emily:
My name is Emily Hockenhull. I started Called and Created as a way to share the good news of the gospel of God's grace with others. Come join me on the journey!

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