A Glimpse of His Love – Part Two

A Glimpse of His Love - Part TwoI’d never before experienced such a time of worship. This encounter with God was far more living and active than any other I’d had throughout my relationship with Him. That night, I experienced His presence in a completely different way from what I was used to, and it was only the beginning.

During service the next night, God continued to speak to me of His amazing love and grace. The theme of the evening was the power of the cross. A brief video was shown, depicting our Savior’s death. In light of what God had been revealing to me, stories from His Word that I’d heard many times over became alive to me in a new way. They were more than just accounts of events that had happened long ago. They became truths that had a direct impact upon my life.

Jesus went through so much to redeem me. He suffered such extreme agony on my behalf, and died in my place. It was God’s amazing, inconceivable, unsurpassed love that prompted Him to send His Son to do so. Only someone with the greatest kind of affection – far greater than any I’d ever experienced before – would do such a thing.

If Jesus took my sin upon Himself at the cross, that meant that it was gone. Obliterated. Erased. I was now the righteousness of God in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). I’d been given right standing with Him, apart from my actions. No longer did condemnation need to have any part in my life. No longer did a sense of same and guilt over various shortcomings need to linger in my mind. I could walk in the freedom of knowing that it wasn’t about what I did, but what Jesus had accomplished for me. My right standing with God wasn’t based on my performance. It was a gift of God’s grace.

Such ideas concerning the significance of man’s good conduct in their relationship with God were vastly different from what I’d heard generally expressed among Christian circles. Though I wasn’t aware at the time, it was the beginning of shift of focus in my belief system from an emphasis on my own actions to Christ’s finished work at the cross. This change of mindset would have farther-reaching influence on my life than I could then foresee.

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